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Center for Massive Data Algorithmics


Morten Revsbæk and advisor, Lars Arge

Morten Revsbæk obtained MADALGO PhD degree

2014.11.17 | PhD defense

Morten Revsbæk obtained his PhD degree November 14, 2014. Title of the PhD dissertation: Handling Massive and Dynamic Terrain Data

Annual MADALGO Retreat at LEGO

2014.11.03 | Visit

Thanks to LEGO for hosting us at this year’s MADALGO Retreat. We had two interesting and inspiring days - possibly the starting point for future collaboration.

Postersession, MADALGO Summer School, Learning at Scale, 2014

PhD and post doc application round at MADALGO

2014.10.16 | People

MADALGO is currently taking applications for post doctoral positions and PhD positions. The positions are available starting February 1, 2015.

MADALGO hosting ALGO 2016

2014.09.15 | Events

MADALGO has won the bid of hosting ALGO 2016 in Aarhus. We look forward to hosting the largest European conference on algorithms.

Center Director

Lars Arge

Office: bldg. 5335-315
Phone: +45 8715 6284
Mobile: +45 41606166


Wed 26 Nov
14:15-15:00 | Building 5335, Nygaard 295
MADALGO Theory Seminar: Kasper Green Larsen, MADALGO
Wed 03 Dec
14:15-15:00 | Nygaard-327
MADALGO Theory Seminar: Jesper Sindahl Nielsen, MADALGO
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