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Morten Revsbæk and advisor, Lars Arge

2014.11.17 |

Morten Revsbæk obtained MADALGO PhD degree

Morten Revsbæk obtained his PhD degree November 14, 2014. Title of the PhD dissertation: Handling Massive and Dynamic Terrain Data

2014.11.03 |

Annual MADALGO Retreat at LEGO

Thanks to LEGO for hosting us at this year’s MADALGO Retreat. We had two interesting and inspiring days - possibly the starting point for future collaboration.

Postersession, MADALGO Summer School, Learning at Scale, 2014

2014.10.16 |

PhD and post doc application round at MADALGO

MADALGO is currently taking applications for post doctoral positions and PhD positions. The positions are available starting February 1, 2015.

2014.09.15 |

MADALGO hosting ALGO 2016

MADALGO has won the bid of hosting ALGO 2016 in Aarhus. We look forward to hosting the largest European conference on algorithms.

2014.08.18 |

Successfully completed MADALGO Summer School

With around 70 registered participants the annual MADALGO Summer School included exciting talks, great social events and networking amongst students and faculty from all over the world.

2014.06.16 |

Two former MADALGO master students receives DSfD's master thesis award 2013

Former MADALGO master students Morten Kragelund Holt and Jens Johansen was awarded the DSfD's master thesis award 2013 with their joint thesis "Computing Triplet and Quartet Distances" under the supervision of Associate Professor Gerth Stølting Brodal. The thesis was awarded the grade 12 in June 2013 and afterwards went on to win the prestigious…

2014.06.16 |

MADALGO Summer School 2014 - registration is open

MADALGO Summer School 2014, Learning at Scale, takes places in Aarhus, August 11 - 14 2014.

Lars Kruse/AU Communication

2014.05.28 |

Kasper Green Larsen receives Aarhus University Research Foundations PhD Prize 2014

The five prestigious PhD Prizes were awareded at a ceremony May 28 in Aulaen, Aarhus University.

2014.05.27 |

MADALGO Summer School 2014 - learning at scale

MADALGO Summer School 2014, learning at scale, August 11 - 14, 2014, MADALGO, Aarhus University

2014.05.01 |

New Assistant Professor at MADALGO

MADALGO welcomes a new Assistant Professor to the center, Kasper Green Larsen holds a PhD in Computer Science from Aarhus University from May 2013. After Kasper finished his PhD he has been employed at CLC Bio working as a Scientific Software Developer. Kasper has been hired as a Assistant Professor as of May 1, 2014. 

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