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2013.08.22 |

Lars Arge in TV news broadcast

Lars Arge participates in an in-depth TV news broadcast with the headline: Cloudburst season - New map will help find the way (Skybrudssæson - Nyt kort skal hjælpe på vej). The broadcast is made by DR2 Dagen.

2013.06.11 |

MADALGO selected as success story in a new DNRF publication

The Danish National Research Foundation has selected 8 stories about how curiosity and ground-breaking research have led to application and commercialization.

2013.05.30 |

MADALGO awarded grant from The Danish National Advanced Technology foundation

In collaboration with the company COWI and center startup SCALGO, MADALGO was awarded a 3M DKK grant from The Danish National Advanced Technology foundation to develop new and improved large-area flood risk screening tools. Press release.

2013.05.17 |

Kasper Green Larsen obtained MADALGO PhD degree

Kasper Green Larsen, Aarhus, May 17, 2013. The title of the PhD dissertation: "Models and Techniques for Proving Data Structure Lower Bounds"

2013.04.19 |

Danish Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education visits MADALGO

On Friday April 19, 2013 the Danish Minister for Science, innovation and Higher Education, Morten Østergaard visited MADALGO to see "What successful research and innovation look like".

2013.03.01 |

MADALGO welcomes one new postdoc

Allan Grønlund Jørgensen will start in a collaborative industry post-doctoral research position on Marts 1, 2013. The involved partners are MADALGO and the company DSE Airport Solutions A/S. The three year project is financially supported with approximately 2M DKK by The Danish National Advanced Technology foundation. The purpose is to develop…

2012.12.11 |

Lars Arge named 2012 ACM Fellow

Center Director Lars Arge has been named a Fellow by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) for his contributions to massive data algorithmics. ACM is the worldwide organization for computer researchers and professionals, and ACM Fellow is the highest recognition given by the organization. It is only given to around 1% of its members. A…

2012.12.07 |

Gerth Stølting Brodal makes Christmas decoration generator

Gerth Stølting Brodal has made a program that can plait figures and letters into the template for making traditional Danish heart-shaped Christmas decorations - A Christmas decoration generator

2012.10.30 |

Freek van Walderveen obtained MADALGO PhD degree

Freek van Walderveen, Aarhus, October 30, 2012. The title of the PhD dissertation: "External Memory Graph Algorithms and Range Searching Data Structures"

2012.10.08 |

MADALGO programmer wins the Danish national Programming Contest 2012 together with two fellow students from Aarhus University

MADALGO programmar Mathias Rav together with his two fellow students Jana Kunert and Tobias Madsen both from Aarhus University wins the Danish national Programming contest 2012. The winning team call themselves "This could be your advert".

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