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2011.01.19 |

PhD Course on Streaming Algorithms

MADALGO postdocs Lap Kei Lee and Qin Zhang are giving a 5 ECTS course on data stream algorithms in the 4rd Quarter (Q4, Spring 2011).

2010.12.15 |

Television portrayal of Center director Lars Arge about elite research

The television portrait of Lars Arge is belonging to a portrait series produced by the Danish television channel DK4 and is a portrait series of the five researchers that in 2010 received the prestigious elite researcher awards from The Danish Minister of Research.

2010.10.14 |

MADALGO PhD student at TopCoder Open 2010 in Las Vegas

MADALGO PhD student Mark Greve gained an impressive fifth place in his semifinal TopCoder Open 2010 in the category The Algorithm Competition. Mark Greve and 24 other competitors gained access to the Finals held at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from October 11 - 14, 2010. The finalists got at the finals after having competed among…

2010.08.04 |

Course on Lower Bounds and Information Theory

MADALGO postdoc Elad Verbin is giving a 5 ECTS course on Lower Bounds and Information Theory in the 2ndQuarter (Fall 2010).

2010.08.02 |

MADALGO welcomes three new postdocs

From left: Brody Sandel started on July 1, 2010. He recently received his PhD from University of California, Berkeley. His research interests are in macroecology, biodiversity and climate change. Elad Verbin started on August 1, 2010 as a post-doctoral researcher. Qin Zhang started on August 1, 2010 as a post-doctoral researcher. He recently…

2010.07.15 |

PhD student Kasper Dalgaard Larsen receives prestigious Google Fellowship

MADALGO student Kasper Dalgaard Larsen receives fellowship named "Google European Doctoral Fellowship in Search and Information Retrieval". With this fellowship Google wants to support innovative research in computer science by sponsoring excellence in graduate studies. Kasper will receive full coverage of tuition, fee and stipend for three…

2010.06.16 |

Center Director Lars Arge featured in department video

The Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University has produced a number of short research highlight videos (in Danish). Center Director Lars Arge and the centers work on flood modeling is featured in the first video.

2010.06.09 |

PhD student Kasper Dalgaard Larsen featured in department video

MADALGO PhD student Kasper Dalgaard Larsen is one of the four students that is portrayed on the web pages of the Department of Computer Science, AU (in Danish). In the video Kasper explains his research and also talks about his work with teaching and mentoring of younger students in the international environment that MADALGO and the department…

2010.04.29 |

Allan Grønlund Jørgensen obtained MADALGO PhD degree

Allan Grønlund Jørgensen, Århus, April 29, 2010. The title of the PhD dissertation: "Data Structures: Sequence Problems, Range Queries, and Fault Tolerance"

2010.04.14 |

Post Doc Peyman Afshani receives prestigious NSERC fellowship

MADALGO Postdoc Peyman Afshani has won one of the prestigious postdoctoral fellowship awards from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). The NSERC Post Doc program provides support to the most promising young (Canadian educated) researchers. The award grants a maximum of 80,000 Canadian dollars over 2 years.

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